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The idea of foundation of the psychiatric hospital in Gornja Toponica, comes from the year 1911. Queen Natalija sells the land complex of about 86 acres, received after her divorce from the King Milan Obrenovic, to the Serbian state for 100 000 dinars. On the purchased land complex there were two large buildings and a storeroom built of solid material, while part of the land was planted with pine, fir and other cultivated trees. Purchased land was purposely given to the medical department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia.

1912. - 1918 First World War postponed the preparation and construction of the mental hospital.

1923. The construction of a special pavilion "Vila Toponica" has started for accommodation and hospitalization of Prince Đorđe Karadjordjevic, who was forcibly transported by train from Belje to Gornja Toponica on June 9th 1926, where he remained until April 1941.

1924 - 1926 The first buildings for the accommodation and treatment of mentally ill persons were built.

1927 State Mental Hospital officially began operating on May 1, 1927.  200 mentally ill patients were transported by the train from Belgrade Psychiatric Hospital. The first manager was Marko Radman.

1941 - 1944. The hospital has not ceased operations even during the Second World War, caring for patients under the patronage of the Red Cross.

1953 Mental Hospital changes its name to the Psychiatric Hospital.

1969 Psychiatric Hospital changes its status and becomes the neuropsychiatric hospital.

In 1972 The Hospital changed its name and became the Institute of Neuropsychiatry of the Faculty of Medicine in Nis.

1982 The Hospital dissociates from the Institute and becomes  - Special Psychiatric Hospital in Gornja Toponica.

2005. Foundation of the Community Mental Health Center in Nis.

2007 The Hospital has changed the name again and became the Special Hospital for Psychiatric Diseases "Gornja Toponica"